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Darren has been wielding his mighty "sword" brush for  over 25 years. 

His father was an old time sign painter - the real kind, that used to paint billboards in Miami back in the 50's.  He grew up with paint and brushes in the garage after school.  No wonder, it became the family business.

Under mentoring of some great "Pinheads" his craft has grown. Tricked out "Old Skool" designs to true fire airbrush paint. The classic style of his work can accessorize just about anything!  The usual may be nice lines on your car or truck, some classic pinstripe for your motorcycle or even to have an image you already love transferred. But, don't be limited.  He has worked on things from bread boxes to airplanes- and as varied as antique ice cream machines to yes, toilet seats!

"Darren Did It" PinStriping
Reletter Old Coke Cooler
Horn Beetle goes up in flames 
Custom Professional Bread Maker Lid
Camera hood
Wooden Cane with eagle
Race Car